E.G.A.P offers a wide range of Security and Asset Protection Services. Our client list includes Government, Business and Residential. We only employ licensed staff, we adhere to our industry regulations and legislation and pay by the award.

Our staff dress and present well in business uniform (unless the job is specifically plain clothes), are polite, clean and well-mannered and are all fully qualified and experienced. You will not be disappointed with the service you receive.

One security provider for all your needs

Service List

  • Static Security Officers
  • Concierge Security Officers
  • Event / Crowd Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Security Advice
  • Remote Area Surveillance Specialists
  • CCTV Sales and Installation / Licensed Installers
  • Alarm Sales and Installation / Licensed Installers
  • Residential / Commercial / Private and Government Clients

With proven 20 years experience within the Australian Security Industry

E.G.A.P. Security understands the importance of having the right person for the job - thats why we hand pick our staff and train them to deliver our services just how we want.

All of our Staff are Licensed, Uniformed and professional, we take our jobs seriously.